I'm pregnant, what now?

Every woman has a legal right to a midwife:

Midwives are state-certified specialists in the phase of pregnancy, childbirth, puerperium as well as breastfeeding and complementary food time. They support, inform and offer a wide range of services in these valuable stage of life. For many pregnant women, the midwife is one of the most important caregivers during this time. For these periods, every woman has a legal right to midwifery assistance.

Most midwifery services are paid for by the statutory health insurance (see FAQs for more information).
If services are not covered by the health insurance and you have to pay for them yourself, you will be sufficiently informed before you use them.

If you have any further questions, you can find our answers to frequently asked questions in our FAQ section or you can call the Hebammenzentrale.


The search includes midwives who work in the district of Vechta only.

Please always use the search function first.

Only after an unsuccesfull seach should you send a request.

  • This will be processed within 7 working days

There is no guarantee of midwife/course placement.

Not every midwife offers the whole range of midwifery services.

You can reach the Hebammenzentrale

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Phone: 04441 - 898 - 2204
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